Christian Resources

Below, you’ll find links to websites that our One Hope Canada Ministries National follow up team have found to be wholesome learning tools. Some are geared for teens, while some are meant for younger children. It is our hope that these innovative resources will help families to teach their children Biblical knowledge, and help deepen understanding of Christian values.
We recommend the following links, but due to the nature of ever changing websites, we advise parents to review each site before allowing their children to go on them. If you do happen to notice any issue in the websites we recommend, please let us know so that we could also review the sites, and see if we should continue supporting these ministries. If you know of a great Christian website that you think we should add to our list, then please let us know. Thank you for your interest, and we hope you find these links helpful.

Games & Stories:

Wonderzone (CEF)
ZuCamp (CCI)
Hi Kidz!/Allo!Junior (FGB)
Yahero (Cnd. Bible Society)
Paws & Tales (IFL
Jelly Telly (Phil Vischer)
David & Jonathan online audio lessons
Adventures in Odyssey (FOTF)
Clubhouse Magazine
(has links to movie reviews & jelly telly)

David & Jonathan online lessons

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